About us


SOL is a specialist in telecommunications industry, which provides an exceptional service on global scale with 19 years of experience in the mobile industry SOL has gained worldwide recognition as a reliable and trustworthy company, attracting a broad range of partners and customers. 


The telecommunication industry has experienced changes in the recent years; however, SOL is growing with phenomenal rate and has become one of the most innovative and reputable in its sector. SOL - originally founded in Tanzania, today has its headquarters based in Dubai UAE, with 25 offices placed globally in 5 continents.

The Company is built on a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect amongst a growing number of suppliers and customers. SOL prides itself on its high quality and consistent level of customer service, a company that is always willing to go the extra mile and put a little extra effort in-order to obtain complete customer satisfaction. 


SOL provides all customers with a broad range of mobile phones and tablets. We buy all our stocks from reputable and trustworthy manufactures, which have all gone through legal and standard formality checks, and we at SOL also commit to our regular quality control check to ensure each phone meets our stringent requirements.

The clients have appreciated the company work culture and responsible attitude towards its business. SOL is proud of its prompt communications and ability to deliver the best products and solutions for individual needs of the clients, which provides a strong foundation for trustworthy cooperation.

Quality longevity and reliability.